There are some moments that it’s not the eyes that see… It’s the Passion that sees … the Emotions … The Soul!!!
“A” movie
#theather // movies // music / busty girl teasing free Director, Writer: Stathis Athanasiou / follow site Co-writer: Pedro Olalla / watch Director of Photography: Michael Kloukinas / Music:  Stavros Gasparatos / enter Choreography:  Apostolia Papadamaki

source site “A” movie THE MYTH: Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus. King Creon, who is now the ruler of Thebes, demands that the body of her dead brother Polynices be left unburied and eaten by the dogs. Whoever does not comply with his orders, will face immediate execution. Antigone will defy this unjust order, bury her dead brother and as a result, lose her life. 


A woman is forced to watch her hanged brother rot in the middle of a burnt forest, until the authorities decide that she has been punished enough.

While in the myth, we see Antigone ready to sacrifice her life for what she feels just, our heroine has not reached that point. In fact, she is at the exact opposite. She is not and does not want to become Antigone. In the play we witness the birth of an Antigone, rather than just seeing her in action.

“Alpha” is a Transmedia Cinematic Performance inspired by the ancient myth of Antigone and talks about what we are all witnessing and experiencing as consequences of the so-called “crisis”. A Totally Independent, Completely Crowdfunded, Transmedia Cinematic Performance. The performance is composed of a Strings Quartet conducted by the Composer on stage, a three woman Chorus an actress and a Film. One could say it is a Sophoclean era Drama (two Actors, Chorus, Orchestra), in which we substitute one Actor for a Film. “Alpha” is a performance that lets Cinema serve its natural parent -the Ancient Drama-outside its security zone.

Alpha Movie



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“A” movie
#theather // movies // music Director, Writer: Stathis Athanasiou
sabrina mature Co-writer: Pedro Olalla
source site Director of Photography: Michael Kloukinas Music:  Stavros Gasparatos
Choreography:  Apostolia Papadamaki