There are some moments that it’s not the eyes that see… It’s the Passion that sees … the Emotions … The Soul!!!

My work featured at L’Œil de la Photographie or if you prefer The Eye of Photography

There are words I want to say but I’m scarred …words that can only be told by looking at the eyes. Words and thoughts that have never been said, become vivid by the rustling of the leaves, the colors and the hidden sounds. And now you are a witness to all these feelings writen on a piece of paper, forgotten and hidden. Isolation of the soul, without distractions from anyone and anything.

In this work I pesent complex images with a key theme of an unfinished story. Old letters that have never been read and left in the closet of time, masks of anguish, promises, sadness, questions that will never receive answers, feelings that will be forgotten forever. Images that will be within my thoughts, my soul, my heart.



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